How TechNET IT are prioritising family

As a parent, it can be hard to balance your life. Success is finding a company that prioritises flexibility and a healthy work/life balance.

technet four day week


One of the biggest challenges that fathers face is not being able to spend enough quality time with their little ones.

TechNET IT Recruitment, one of the UK’s top IT and Technology Recruitment Agencies based in Milton Keynes, offer a multitude of family-friendly policies. They are one of the first businesses in the UK to introduce a four-day working week. They also offer fathers one month of fully-paid paternity leave. Their sister brands Cranberry Panda and Madison Bridge also carry some other unique and interesting initiatives to support working parents. In their London offices, you will find Wellness Rooms and Parents’ Rooms that provide a private, lockable space for parents and others, with utilities such as sinks and fridges for convenience.

To find out more, we spoke to Dean Roper, Principal Consultant at TechNET IT and father-of-one, about how he juggles his work and childcare responsibilities and how he and his family have benefitted from TechNET’s policies.

How exactly does working a four-day week affect your family life?

A four-day working week not only allows me to have a little bit of a lie-in on a Friday, which every sleep-deprived parent can appreciate, but it also gives me the opportunity to be more involved in getting my son up and ready, driving him to and from school and other daytime obligations that I would usually miss out on when working a regular five-day week – a sad reality for a lot of working parents.

Having Friday off is even more impactful during half-term and school holidays. I am able to spend quality time with my child, doing the things he loves to do, as well as being able to juggle regular household chores that need to get done. A three-day weekend is life-changing, and I wouldn’t look back!

Is hybrid and flexible working a priority for you and your family?

Hybrid and flexible working are huge priorities for me. I am extremely fortunate to be given the flexibility that I have. I head to the office approximately twice a week, giving me the chance to interact with my colleagues, whilst also having the quiet time at home to be as productive as possible and be present with my son. Being at home with my son is something I am grateful for, as traditionally a lot of fathers have not had the opportunity to see their children during work hours.

How does your employer handle this flexibility?

The support network at TechNET is truly incredible. In the recruitment industry, it is usually regimented that you stay late to accommodate others outside of usual working hours and from my past experiences, it is almost frowned upon if you head home early or on time. However, TechNET is really considerate of working families, giving consultants the autonomy to work realistically, whether that be working around the school drop off and pick up or making the decision to work from home when childcare isn’t available. Either way, TechNET care about our lives outside of the office too.

Going forward, I don’t think I would look at another role that didn’t offer the same policies.

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