How to be resilient within the construction industry

Joseph Valente is a former Apprentice winner and boiler installation company owner, who helps trade companies with their business and growth training.

how to be resilient within the construction industry


There’s no doubt that the construction industry can be unstable. From lockdowns making everyone a little uneasy about having people in their homes, even though despite being deemed essential workers, through to the challenging economy.

But it’s also one of the most stable professions to go into. People will always need a plumber, electrician, or builder. What does change over the years, and what you need to adapt to, is being resilient in the industry.

This means always being ahead of the curve, ensuring your team, if you have one, is well supported, and that you as the business owner are conscious of the changes out there and how they will come to affect you.

With the government’s home scheme banging on the doors of the industry and a move to provide more renewable heating sources to all new build properties by 2025, everyone in the sector will need to grow, adapt and, re-skill.

Those that have installed standard gas boilers for years will now need to look at electric alternatives. Those without an electrics ticket will need to add this to their gas safe.

If your business is diversifying into renewables, you’ll need to add new aspects to your team’s tickets which means more training, more support and more items added onto your CRM system as a minimum.

It will also mean the chance to upsell to your customers but this also comes with the need to upskill your sales team to be able to provide this new product effectively.

Some may not even yet be gas safe and may be questioning the need. Is there one? Categorically yes. Without one you cannot be included in the gas safe register which is the only place you should ever find an installer from.

The move to more renewable heating sources means that new apprentices coming into the sector will need further training on new elements that even your current team might not be equipped to handle. This is where resilience is key. Knowing what you can do, knowing what you can’t do and being able to get the right guidance to help you make the needed changes.

There’s no doubt it’s a growing sector and one which can provide a very healthy salary and great growth opportunities. Our job, as those that have been in the sector for years, is to champion and help those new to the sector to grow.

Our work at Trade Mastermind has allowed us to help all trades to grow their business, skill, re skill and most importantly have support. Support is the backbone of resilience. Without it, you’re on your own and no one should or will survive without a great support network.

This is where I learned my own resilience. Having worked from the ground up, being an apprentice through to winning The Apprentice and running the UK’s largest boiler installation company before selling it, I had to be resilient to all the changes and challenges that come with fast-paced growth.

There can be a lot of negativity in the industry, especially if you’re doing well. Rather than bringing you up, a lot of people can try to bring you down. This is one of the core reasons behind Trade Mastermind. We wanted to create a space which helps everyone in the sector and put a band of support around those who need help and those that are doing well.

In my view, for our sector to continue to grow. To be attractive to new, fresh talent and to stay resilient, one thing has to happen. We need to all support each other. This 2025 change will affect every industry and for some will be more challenging than for others. So, let’s form a band of resilience around it. Support and encourage each other. Adapt, change and diversify to bridge those gaps and still ensure we’re growing through the challenges of a troubled economy and ever-changing regs.

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