How The Audit Lab helps working dad employees

The digital marketing agency boasts flexible working days and unlimited holidays among its family-friendly perks.

audit lab family friendly


Nick Boyle (above) is SEO Director for digital marketing agency The Audit Lab while Luke Harling (below) is Head of Client Services. We caught up with them to find out more about the company’s family-friendly policies.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Nick: I’m the SEO Director here at The Audit Lab – looking after and leading all things organic. No two days here are the same – something I’d say mirrors family life. I’ve got two lads at home, perhaps future CEOs, perhaps not… but it’s safe to say they keep me on my toes and motivated to work hard.

Luke: I’m a 31-year-old living in Prestwich, Greater Manchester – originally from (Kingston-upon-Thames). I live with my wife and two-year-old daughter and when not at work, I will take any opportunity to go on days out with the family. I ensure our clients get value from their digital marketing activity working with the highly talented team we have in the Bolton-based agency.

How did you utilise your company’s family-friendly policies?

Nick: We offer some great perks here for both parents and non-parents. Our 10-4 working hours along with our hybrid working model and flexible hours have made it easy to secure an incredibly positive work-life balance. Knowing that I can still take my sons to school and on certain days be there to pick them up, is invaluable. As a parent, you don’t get that time back, so being there at the school gates to hear about their days is priceless.

Luke: The flexibility on offer at The Audit Lab has had a really positive impact on family life for me. Unlike other jobs, I have the opportunity to drop off and pick up my daughter from nursery and get to spend valuable time each evening before my daughter’s bedtime, which in previous roles I would miss out on. This not only helps my relationship with my daughter but also allows for a more flexible co-parenting plan.

audit lab family friendly

What was it like sorting that out with your bosses?

Nick: The perks we rolled out weren’t negotiated with the board – they were led by the board. We believe that if we offer ‘real’ perks rather than those perceived as perhaps ‘fluffy’, then we find the right people stay with us for longer.

Luke: The directors at The Audit Lab heavily promote flexibility which has been a breath of fresh air for me and was a perk when I started the business.

How important is that part of the business when it comes to considering where to work?

Nick: For me, having a positive work-life balance is vital and I’d like to think the staff we hire here at The Audit Lab have a similar disposition. Building our business on solid, positive foundations has been an important factor in our success so far. Happy staff leads to happy clients!

Luke: It is a massive factor! I have worked in roles before where work-life balance has been a real struggle and has ultimately impacted on happiness. At The Audit Lab, we have the opportunity to be part of a committed team, servicing our clients and delivering high-quality work without being at the detriment to precious family time outside of work.

How could policy change and what do you think companies need to do moving forward?

Nick: It’s hard to know what may change in the coming months/years given how much things have changed over the past three years alone. Fully-remote roles in certain industries were unthinkable before Covid, but are now commonplace. It’s safe to say, however, that there continues to be an increasing demand for more flexibility and those firms that don’t adapt towards providing this (in some capacity, at least) may miss out on the best talent.

Luke: Working at The Audit Lab has really opened my eyes to the importance of finding the balance between work and home life. I am firmly of the belief that if employees are given the tools to be happier and fulfilled, they will be more committed to their role and working towards success for the business that they are in…so a win-win for both employees and business alike.

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