Five tips for dads creating a new brand from home

It can be daunting starting a brand that will attract the right customers. Branding expert Trudie Avery is here to offer her help.

starting a brand from home


Finding the right work-life balance is often a struggle, especially when you throw being a dad into the mix. It is easy to see why so many people consider setting up their own business from home to enable them to fit work in around family life. How do you get yourself in front of the right people? The people you actually want to work with? Trudie Avery has 25 years of experience guiding entrepreneurs, so what do you need to consider when setting up a business from home?

Identify who it is you want to attract

Who do you want to do business with? Who do you want to help? Ensure you have a clear message that your dream client understands perfectly… You have a readymade solution for their biggest problem, which you can execute easily and do the job well. Make sure your vision, values and what you stand for are clear for the world to see. Be unique and confident in that uniqueness and you will attract like-minded individuals.

Decide what you want to be known for

Think about what you want to be known for and try to position yourself so you are able to connect with your audience and speak to them on a personal level. Your purpose and personality will capture your ideal client’s attention. Use those traits to show them how you can make a difference to their world.

Showcase your personality in your brand, through your values and your voice, and shout about what sets you apart from the competition. Your potential clients might not even know that they need or want your service yet but if you can show that you know exactly what they need and can make a difference to them, then you’re halfway there.

Pick the right colour

Did you know that brand colours alone can influence up to 90% of an initial impression. You want to stand out for the right reasons, and it is important to know that colours influence a customer through deep psychological meanings.

Your colour choice sets the tone for your business without your client really realising. For your subconscious already knows that blue evokes trust and reliability, yellow provokes positivity, red is for power and green is for environmentally friendly or healthy.

Because of this, it is vital that you pick a colour that suits your company and fits with its mission, mantra, vision and values but that also makes it stand out from the crowd.

Choose a memorable name

When you’re brainstorming what to call your new business make sure the name you choose is easy to spell and hard to forget. Ideally a company name should reflect what it is you do, but this isn’t essential. There are lots of big brands whose names actually tell you very little about their products or services – think Virgin, Nike or Apple.

But it needs to be memorable and simple. Short names of one or two words are easier to remember and you want it to be easy to spell so that your customers can find you online.

Also think about longevity – will the name you’ve chosen represent your business in the future should you decide to expand or diversify?

The best way to find a name is to brainstorm, filter, then build upon your favourites until you find a winner.

Have confidence in your own ability

Just because you are running your business from home with children in tow doesn’t mean that you are less worthy or unprofessional in any way shape or form. If anything, being a dad adds to your skillset, drive and your incredible ability to multitask.

Be your business. You are the face of your brand. To be successful, entrepreneurs need to be visible and seen as an expert voice. Be confident in using that expert opinion to connect with any potential client through shared emotion and successful solutions.

So, if you can arrange childcare and find enough time in your day, find opportunities to show off your specialist knowledge and throw yourself into the spotlight. Show up in all the right places to put yourself in front of your target market. This could be through local networking events or radio comment for example. Create a professional and admirable brand with strong core values and then let your clients know you’re available to help.

Trudie Avery is a branding expert who helps start-ups and small businesses find their identity. To find out more, visit

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