Where do I stand on returning to the office?

My line manager has just sent me an email asking how I feel about returning to the office.
Apparently she received an email from our employer trying to gauge how many people are already
in the office and how many will be returning going forward. Do I have to reply to that email? Where
do I stand legally on going back to an office? I don’t have any medical reason to continue working
from home but while afterschool clubs remain closed it would be a childcare headache if I could no
longer work from home.

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Everyone’s got questions just now. And here are workingdads.co.uk we want to help men deal with all aspects of being a working dad.

That’s why we’ve brought together a team of experts to help. We call them…The Dadvengers.

This week HR ace Kerry Howard of People Puzzles answers a question on returning to the office that’s already easier to answer than it might have been last week. Many people are likely to have a similar query over the next few months as the situation changes.

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This is a hot topic right now, and with the government guidelines changing regularly and local restrictions being applied in various cities in the UK, many employees are nervous about returning to the office. Currently (as at 28th September 2020), government advice is that if you can work from home effectively, then you should.

That said, many employers are trying to ascertain feelings with regards to a return, either now or in the future. Some are doing this via a survey and others are doing it directly, which, it sounds like what your company are doing.

I would be honest with your employer about how you are feeling and any difficulties returning would have for you and your family, especially given that you have no after school care currently. It may be that your employer would be able to work with you to come up with a solution that could work for you and them. I certainly wouldn’t ignore the email that you have received, as doing so could mean that your needs are not taken into account in their planning for a return to the office.

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