Partnership promises free support to needy families

Some of UK’s most disadvantaged families to be provided with free access to early years education and support via Family Action and Babbu.

early years free support


Access to early years education is a challenge for any parent, but for vulnerable families the obstacles are even more profound. Financial constraints, long working hours, and social problems are all issues that act as barriers, creating developmental gaps, 40% of which is already evident by the age of five.

Because of this millions of children are denied access to structured learning and development opportunities based solely on their parents’ situations. Babbu and Family Action intend to break down this barrier and close the gap on early years education to ensure every child has access to high-quality early years education in order to thrive.

The partnership news comes following the publication of a report sponsored by Babbu for The Children’s Alliance which demanded urgent government action to make early years education fit for the challenges of the 21st century. The report specifically highlighted the need for digital support for parents and families, and the importance of developing a cohesive and aligned ‘learning community’ that surrounds a child. Click here to download the report.

David Holmes CBE, CEO at Family Action, said of the partnership, “It is vital that all children have access to high-quality early years education, as it will help to shape the rest of their lives. Levelling the playing field, and providing equal opportunities for all children under five, can only make for a happier, healthier society and one where all families can flourish. We are delighted to partner with Babbu on addressing this challenge and we are looking forward to seeing what our partnership can achieve.”

The project will be supported by a ‘buy-one, get-one’ initiative with Babbu’s corporate partners. Already, 200 free licences have been donated to Family Action via NewDay and EMW Law. Both organisations provide Babbu as an employee benefit to help support new parents in their workplaces. Every time a new account is opened, another is provided to a vulnerable family free-of-charge.

Tyrell James, Co-Founder of Babbu said, “Sadly, the level of care and support you can access as a parent, depends on where you live and what you earn.  Our buy-one-give-one model is aimed at levelling up the playing field, ensuring every family can benefit from high-quality early years’ educational content and expert support.  We are delighted to be partnering with Family Action, to reach those families who really need us the most.”

How will the disadvantaged families be supported?

Babbu’s ‘online nursery’ is designed to give each child the best possible start in life with just 15 minutes of educational play a day, making it an invaluable resource for parents stretched for time and traditional support networks.

The online learning platform integrates daily Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) activities in an AI personalised ‘curriculum’ for each child, alongside a community of experts offering parents and guardians advice to help support their child’s development in those crucial first few years.

Vulnerable families will feel part of a community, encouraged to ask questions and seek advice as much as they want. It is jam-packed with helpful hints, lessons, tricks, podcasts, activities, songs, stories and advice to help empower parents and children, maximising capabilities whatever the life context. It also supports the parents physical and emotional wellbeing whilst bringing the best child development theories and teaching philosophies to life.

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