How an awful knee injury turned into a CBD business

Dan Khoury, engaged and preparing to get married, was injured playing football. A quest to help him walk down the aisle turn into something bigger.

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Dan Khoury and his wife Liv were just weeks before their wedding in 2018 when Dan sustained a nightmare injury playing football and needed knee surgery. It was then that they found Cannibidiol, or CBD. We asked Dan to tell us the story about that discovery and how it became a company called TRIP.

Why did you set up the company and how was that process?

My brother was living in New York at the time [of my accident] and he recommended CBD, which was a real game changer – I finally found some calm and got a good night’s sleep. Against the odds, I made an incredible recovery and was the last man standing on the dancefloor [at our wedding]!

We then started using CBD oils for those smaller everyday stresses and loved the results but hated the bitter taste. Our passion for CBD grew, eventually leaving careers in finance and law (sorry Mum) to launch TRIP. We designed a CBD range that fits effortlessly into our lives.

Since launching in 2019, we’ve added more family members to the business, growing to become the UK’s #1 CBD brand, dedicated to sharing only the highest quality products.

Your brand is mental health-related. What do you think it’s like for working fathers at the moment from that perspective?

The last few years, through the pandemic to today, have been challenging for everyone. Now more than ever before, the world has recognised that mental health is intrinsic to good health. As the boundaries between home and work blurred and these global events created new stresses to manage, it was remarkable to hear how our community has valued using TRIP to work through the last few years.

How do YOU balance work and home life?

When I discovered CBD, I found incredible relief from daily stress and realised how important it is to be kind to your mind. These four simple rituals also helped me balance the week’s chaos:

  1. Create a morning ritual

It’s easy to hit the snooze button but spending a few minutes investing in a morning ritual helps me feel ready for the day. Even if I’ve only got a few minutes, I’ll start my day with a few drops of our CBD oil and take some quiet time for myself away from my phone, to breathe deeply and think about the important things I want to get done.

2. Find a schedule that works for you

Feel free to set boundaries around how much time you spend working – and more importantly – not working every day. Build in time just for you, whether that’s exercising, cooking or connecting with loved ones.

3. Get outside

Movement always helps whenever I’m feeling low – be it stretching, taking walking meetings or cardio, it works every time to clear my mind. Try taking breaks to go on a quick walk around the block during the workday, shifting your environment will give your mind a reset and reinvigorate your perspective.

4. Prioritise sleep

I know that if I’ve slept badly I won’t feel calm or balanced and my focus will be off. I do my best to aim for seven hours of sleep and when I do, I know I’ll feel less stressed the next day. I try to set aside time to unwind after a busy day, and during the week will regularly reach for a CBD drink instead of any alcohol, so I wake up feeling refreshed.

What do you know now about starting a business that you wish you’d known before you started?

The most important thing you need to have when starting a business is passion – rather than looking at the market landscape and trying to create a product that fits into a niche, it’s crucial that you are truly rewarded by your brand’s mission.

At TRIP we want to help millions of people find their calm and through all of the highs and lows of start-up life, what keeps the team motivated is hearing how our products have helped our community through tough times. When you’re looking to start a business, make sure that you’re passionate about the cause, as it means the journey of developing the brand is rewarding in itself and you are not only focused on a ‘destination’.

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