Change your mindset and make 2023 your year

We asked mindset coach Dr Maurice Duffy about how working dads can change the way they think and make their lives even better.

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Dr Maurice Duffy is a renowned mindset coach, mental strength guru and expert. He has been at the forefront of the mindset arena for over 30 years.

“As we head into 2023, maybe it’s the year when we look at our dark side, rid ourselves of our demons and set about creating the environment where our success and our professional goals are aligned. We can take this opportunity to reflect on our professional goals and how to align them with our personal values. After the long Christmas break it can be hard to adjust to the routine of going back to work, especially if you have been working from home. However, going back to work can also be an opportunity to revamp your approach to your career and set yourself up for success in the new year. But growing your career, where you shift your job duties while you upgrade your happiness and income isn’t always simple. Why is it so tricky? The biggest stumbling block in making a career change isn’t the mechanics. It’s the mindset. When I work with top athletes and performers they are very focused on what they want and how to achieve their goals. My friend Peter Vidmar, one of the greatest gymnasts, talks about taking risks, being original and doing the ordinary in an extraordinary way. Well from all my learnings here are the Duffy top tips for making 2023 your year personally and professionally.

Before looking at my tips for 2023 let’s start with the three most important mindsets you need to make a successful breakthrough in your career and life:

A Growth mindset

Dr Carol Dweck first advocated the concept of a fixed v growth mindset. Her research shows that people with fixed mindsets believe that one’s qualities are fixed, and their success is not about learning but about showing talents. Those people with a growth mindset believe that their most  valuable qualities and intelligence can be cultivated through their own efforts and dedication. To achieve change you must embrace change and an open growth mindsets set a great platform to turbo boost your career.

A Beginner’s Mindset

The  beginner’s mind is a concept that originated from Zen learning. It refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness and lack of preconception when learning, just as a beginner would. Steve Job’s “Stay foolish, Stay hungry” is the perfect example of a beginner’s mindset.

A Positive Mindset

Having a positive mindset is always easier said than done. Research already shows that positive thinking will result in positive emotions. In other words, happier people are more likely to success.

Once you have adopted these three mindsets here are some tips to help you make 2023 your best year yet, both personally and professionally:

Rethink your professional goals. Having specific, measurable, and attainable goals can help you stay focused and motivated. If you’re feeling uninspired, try setting bigger and more challenging goals for yourself.

Bin the past. Don’t waste time ruminating over past mistakes or regrets. Instead, learn from them and move on.

Use the Post-it Note approach. Write your goal for the day on a post-it note and put it in a place where you will see it often. This will help you stay focused and motivated throughout the day.

Be present in everything you do. This will help you be more engaged in your work and improve your relationships with others.

Don’t Be A Psychic Vampire. Avoid being a ‘psychic vampire’ by not projecting negative energy on others. Instead, be a positive influence and surround yourself with people who energize and inspire you.

Be true to yourself. Don’t try to be someone else. Embrace your uniqueness and let it shine.

Revamp your social media profiles. Use this as an opportunity to showcase your professional brand and interests.

Do something for yourself every day. It’s easy to get caught up doing things for others, but don’t forget to take care of yourself as well.

Learn new habits and grow new behaviours. Embrace learning and be open to changing the way you do things.

“Fake it till you make it.” Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

Make new connections. Networking is an important part of professional development.

Improve your to-do list. Prioritize the tasks that are most important and will have the greatest impact.

Build your personal brand. Your personal brand is a reflection of who you are and what you stand for. Take the time to define it and showcase it to the world.

Avoid office politics and gossip. They won’t get you anywhere in the long run. Instead, focus on your work and building positive relationships.

Maintaining the right mindset through a career shift can be hard — but putting in the work to stay motivated and focused will make the tactical parts of improving your career feel so much easier. Remember, it’s important to be true to yourself and your values, not just in this article’s tips but in general. As always, it’s good to question what aligns with your personal goals and values, while experimenting with new ideas.”

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