Arguments are part of being a working dad

But a new series of videos is aimed at helping stressed working dads spot the signs and resolve issues without getting into an argument

Couple having a quarrel. Man and woman are standing separately with arms folded


There isn’t a working dad who hasn’t had an argument. If you’re juggling home and work life sometimes things snap. 

And the chances are you won’t feel too clever about it afterwards.

It’s inevitable. And perhaps more so if you’re not happy with your work life balance. Perhaps the frequency of arguments is what’s brought you to think about rebalancing your life with a part time or flexible job.

The Good Things Foundation, a charity dedicated to using digital to tackle social problems, has produced some resources to help prevent and solve arguments. Victoria Lawson explains why.


Have you ever seen yourself arguing?  It’s not a pretty sight.

We all argue sometimes. Whether that’s with our partners, our parents or other family members. Everyone has their little niggles and arguments that inevitably come out under pressure.

Pressure on parents

The pressures that face parents are even more pronounced – feeling tired from long hours at work; worrying about money; arguing about who does the housework; or the role of the in-laws. These issues are all-too-familiar to parents and can put strain on families, which often leads to more conflict in the home.

Working long hours is directly associated with a range of problems, including increased strain on relationships and a greater likelihood of arguing with your partner.

But it’s important to take a step back and think about the effect this could be having on the whole family. There is a large body of evidence which shows that parental conflict puts children’s mental health and long-term outcomes at risk when it is frequent, intense and poorly resolved.

Make life easier

All sounds a bit negative? Social change charity Good Things Foundation have partnered with relationship experts One Plus One to produce four short videos which show small changes that we can all make to make life easier for everyone in the family.


The videos were made in partnership with families around the UK. They reflect common daily situations offer up a different way of doing things to reduce the impact of arguments on children.

Skills like ‘Staying calm’, ‘Speaking for yourself’ and ‘Re-thinking how you say things’ can change how things play out in your household. And these little changes can let you, your family and your children see it differently.

For more information about the #SeeItDifferently campaign go to All the videos can be found on YouTube here

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