Andrey’s app aims to educate super parents

Entrepreneur understands that learning isn’t confined to kids

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Educational apps for kids are fairly common. But every parent knows we need schooling in how to do the job of looking after a baby, then a toddler, then a child, then a teenager too.

Which is why Andrey Kondratyuk decided to expand the education app idea to parents.

As well as creating and selling learning apps and bedtime story apps for kids he recently launched ‘Super Parents’. It’s an app offering tutorials to dads and mums on best practice when it comes to doing parenting right.

As a self-employed entrepreneur he knows a thing or two about juggling life and work. And he’s hopeful his new tech may tap into a growing trend for men, including dads, to turn to apps and online forums for help and support.

He told about his apps, his work life balance and his hopes for training up super parents.


What family have you got?

I have a wife and three kids. A one year old son, and two daughters who are five and eight years old respectively.

What’s your experience of juggling family life and work?

Having three kids and my own business, I need to manage my time wisely to ensure I spend a good amount of time with both my wife and kids. In the morning, I drive my older daughter to school and the younger one to kindergarten. In the evenings, we all sit together and have dinner, and I put to bed my older children and help with the youngest one. Weekends are always about family activities!

How much was your decision to be self-employed influenced by a desire to spend more time with family?

While it wasn’t the primary reason, it definitely makes a difference as running my own business has given me the ability to make my own schedule – even though sometimes it requires even more time than a typical 9-5 job!

Where did the idea for the app come from?

When my daughter was three years old, we noticed there was a limited range of digital products available that were safe for children, good quality in terms of content and graphics, and could be used to educate and entertain her. Seeing this gap in the market for parents (such as myself), I realised that this could be a good business opportunity and took the plunge.

Men are notoriously bad at talking to each other, but there’s evidence they are turning to social media/apps etc. for advice. Is that your experience? Does the app tap into that?

Overall, our goal is to make a parent’s life easier by providing various digital products to support their daily activities. IntellectoKids Super Parents, in particular, provides parents with a range of audio tutorials that give advice about common issues that one might encounter while raising their children. In fact, we have seen lots of fathers this app to obtain useful information.

How did you make the app a reality? Any scepticism about the idea from others?

Not really. There wasn’t much scepticism because while there are a lot of products available, the market is really fragmented.

We were confident that if we created a range of quality products in terms of content, provided an educational angle and made sure they were safe for children to use, we would see success with both parents and children. This would especially appeal to parents who use digital technology to give their children the latest available tools to develop in a safe environment.

Who is it aimed at?

IntellectoKids Learning Games and Bedtime Stories are aimed at children from three to six years old in terms of playtime and usage. Super Parents, on the other hand, is directly aimed at parents from all walks of life.

What sort of things can you expect to find via the app?

IntellectoKids Learning Games helps children discover new things and encourages them to start learning letters, numbers, colours and shapes. It also educates them on art, musical instruments and chemical elements. Plus, the memory and logic game helps children with their memorising and rationalising skills.

IntellectoKids Bedtime Stories has fairy tales that teach ethics and morals with stories around friendship, caring for others and doing the right thing.

IntellectoKids Super Parents has a range of 15-minute audio tutorials which gives advice about various issues parents encounter while raising their children.

How is it particularly useful to working dads?

Working dads have a lot of responsibilities, juggling work and parental responsibilities.

To take one example, preparing children for bed and cranking up the creativity to make up a tale can be difficult, especially after a long day at the office. When it’s time to tuck their children into bed, working dads can simply turn on IntellectoKids Bedtime Stories and listen to the chosen story together with the child.


Tech entrepreneur Andrey Kondratyuk

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