Workers doing extra hours during Covid crisis

Research finds many workers are still getting used to working from home during the coronavirus lockdown and actually doing extra hours as a result


Coronavirus working days are longer according to new research.

With so many people working from home they tend to do on average two extra hours at their computer.

Instead of banking the time saved by not having to commute it seems people are working more.

In the US people are putting an extra three hours a day. While in the UK, France and Canada it’s two hours. The Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and Austria saw activity increase by an hour each day. Italy may be the worst affected European country for coronavirus but they are keeping their reputation for having a laid back Mediterranean attitude – they are doing no extra work according to the research.

NordVPN analysed server activity on their network over the last few weeks. More and more nations have succumbed to the pandemic in that period. With many countries instituting lockdowns more and more workers are being forced to set up their office at home.

Extra hours

People not used to working from home may be doing extra hours in an effort to prove to bosses they are working just as hard.

Some workers are used to having clear boundaries around the start and finish of their working day. These are usually set by commuting, particularly if it involves catching a train. It’s been suggested this group are struggling to adjust. One expert has suggested new homeworkers set an alarm on their phone or smart speaker to signal the end of the working day. The idea is that will mimic the urgency of having a train to catch or a set time you’re expected home from the workplace.

However it’s expected that the extra hours will dwindle over time. People will get used to working from home and settle into new routines. And that will lead to them working more efficiently and hopefully harvesting the many benefits of working from home. It’s thought that might lead to a wave of flexible working applications once the immediate coronavirus crisis is over.

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