Why wait until January to prepare for job-hunting? Do it before the end of December

CV Guru Emma Alkirwi explains why you should spend the post-Christmas lull getting your prospects in order.

getting your cv ready


January is a time of action. We can all relate to the “New Year, New Me” mentality – the opportunity to make changes is always exciting!

To kick off the New Year, many people decide that they want to get a new job.

This could be:

– Moving to a new company
– Securing a more senior position
– Switching industries

As a result, the job market booms in January. More job seekers are trying to find their next move than any other time of year.

This may make you think that January is the ideal time to get your CV in top shape. But why not work on your CV in December instead?

We know – December is full of family time, Christmas parties and a little too much mulled wine! But before you eat too many Quality Street, here’s our top reasons why December is the perfect time to update your CV.

It’s the time to reflect

Where January is fast-paced, December is the month where we all slow down. It’s natural to spend some time looking back at the year. So why not reflect on your career trajectory? Think about all your work-related achievements in the last 12 months. If you want to get a new job, how could these be illustrated in your CV to make you attractive to employers?

It’s the time to make resolutions

While you’re reflecting on where you are, it’s natural to think about where you want to be too. Think about what you enjoy – and what you don’t – about your current job.

If you’re:

– Unhappy in your job
– Feeling unchallenged in your current position
– Ready to try something completely different

Make a commitment to yourself that this is the time to try and change things!

Don’t forget to break your goal into achievable actions. That way, you have a clear plan going forward – and you’ve done all the groundwork to make sure it’s a success.

It’s the time to get ahead of the game

We’ve already talked about how January is, by far, the most popular month for job-hunting. More roles are available than any other time of year. The last thing you want to do is be rushing to get your CV and Cover Letter ready when your dream role comes up!

The bigger a panic your job hunt is, the more likely it is that you will make mistakes and miss out key information.

Get ahead of the game and sort everything out in December. Especially if you are applying for roles or industries that require you to detail specialist skills.

This way you beat the rush and can send your application long before the deadline. And by giving yourself extra time, you’ll be submitting top-quality documents that will wow your prospective employers.

It’s the time where everything slows down

The beauty of the festive period is that, in most industries, everything winds down. If your workload is lighter this month and you have more headspace, spend some extra time crafting the best application for the job you want next.

Remember, it’s not just you that gets to slow down in December – everyone else does too! Take advantage of having time off. This is a precious time of no emails, no meetings and no deadlines. Everyone is far too full of turkey to think about work – make the most of it!

So don’t wait until January – update your CV and get ready for your future job search today!

*Emma Alkirwi is the Managing Director of the CV Guru which is the leading service provider of professionally written CVs, LinkedIn Profiles, cover letters in the UK and they also provide specialist consultancy services.  If you aren’t sure where to start, why not get a professional to give you advice with a free CV review? Or if you are ready to have a first-class CV to send off to prospective employers, check out our CV Writing Services.

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