Unlucky 13 for British dads

UK comes up short in new survey looking at what new dads are entitled to across the globe


The UK ranks 13th in the world for paternity leave according to a new study comparing what’s on offer to new parents around the globe.

The research, carried out for gift company Red Letter Days, looked at birth rates around the world on the basis that a child is the best gift anyone can have.

But they also looked at how generous maternity and paternity benefits are in different territories.

The UK, which gives men two weeks of paid paternity leave, didn’t even make it into the top 10.

South Korea came out on top by apparently offering dads up to a year of leave. Scandinavian nations inevitably also ranked highly. For example in Sweden parents get 480 days of leave paid at 80% of their salary to be split between mother and father as they see fit.

Most countries on the list offer no statutory paternity leave at all with the USA in that group alongside the likes of Tajikistan and Zambia but trailing behind places like Mexico and Mozambique that do at least offer something.

The USA also gives mums no time off by law making it one of the worst performing countries for maternity leave. Women take up to 52 weeks off in the UK, and share it with their partner through shared parental leave if they wish. That leaves the UK trailing behind Bulgaria, Croatia and Estonia where women can take more than a year of maternity leave.

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