Should your business start a podcast?

A new survey suggests putting information on audio platforms could be a good way to open up the kind of people who engage with your products and services – and how they do it.

start podcasting


We all know that podcasts are massive – and the audio avalanche doesn’t look like it’s slowing down.

A new report by Voices suggests the shift to digital and the rise in voice technology means that a podcast could be a clever move. Furthermore, 44% of 26-to-35-year-olds said they listen to podcasts, with the worldwide audience due to swell to 800 million users in the next three years. Studies have also shown that audiences will be more likely to take action from a podcast compared to written content, allowing you to maximise audience engagement.

Think about your delivery method

Consider carefully whether it should be a fun and informal chat, or a series of interviews with professional speakers.

Once you know who you’re talking to, you can tailor your content and increase engagement. Create a persona of your ideal listener so you start really thinking about their behaviours.

And ask yourself what value you are offering. There’s no point in producing content for content’s sake. That could negatively impact your brand.

Make use of existing content

Content you’ve already created can be repurposed into a podcast, making it feel fresh, work hard for you and allowing it to reach a new group of customers or clients.

Build personal connections and establish a position of trust

Utilise the power of voice by getting your employees involved. By showing your human side, not only are you displaying your specialist knowledge, but you are building trust as your listeners get to know your team. You can also build a level of interaction, possibly inviting listeners to participate – whether that’s being interviewed or just answering audience questions.

You can also position yourself as an authority figure, becoming a go-to source for information. This will help augment your business and brand reputation.

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