How to get ahead in the era of hybrid working

It’s time working dads got to grips with remaining visible with their employer while working remotely. Emma-Louise O’Brien from Renovo has advice

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More and more experts are predicting hybrid working is the future. Post pandemic more workers are likely to switch between home and a fixed workplace. 

For many years the majority of flexible workers have been women. And they know the costs. It can be tricky to stay on the radar for promotion prospects or training possibilities. Now working dads that adopt flexible working are likely to come up against the same issues.

Emma-Louise O’Brien is Head of Career Coaching at careers experts Renovo. She’s got some key tips to get you ahead of the game as the hybrid working revolution begins. 

Understand the business strategy

Ensure you are clear on the business strategy and its objectives. Will there be a requirement for the business to adapt and change direction post pandemic? What impact did the pandemic have on the company you are working for? What challenges are they facing now?

By understanding where the focus will be now, will help you to identify opportunities available in the future.

Know your value

Now consider where you can add value. How can you help the company to adapt post pandemic to meet and achieve its goals and objectives? What role would you play? What benefit would the organisation gain for utilising your skillset or promoting you? This may also highlight any skills or knowledge gaps. If you work in a flat organisation there may not be an obvious career path for you to follow. Take some time to create a career plan with areas you need to develop and set yourself some career goals.

Be proactive

Opportunities are attached to people. If you are keen to progress, share your career plans, especially with your line manager. Keep conversations open and honest. Volunteer for projects, request additional responsibilities and demonstrate your flexibility. If you are achieving your targets and showing how productive you can work remotely, this will support any future conversations around working remotely longer term.

Ask for feedback

Not everyone likes to receive constructive criticism, but by openly asking for feedback it will highlight you are keen to develop. Listen and take onboard any comments (both positive and negative) you receive. Identify a mentor to support your career growth. Choose someone you aspire to who has the skillset you want to improve or has chosen a career path you are keen to follow.

Raise your profile

With any promotional opportunities, it is essential you are visible to the right key stakeholders in the business. Focus on building relationships with stakeholders across the business remotely right now. Take the time to meet with them virtually. Understand who they are and their preferred communication methods. Schedule in video calls via Zoom or Teams so you can build remote relationships with them. Keep them updated with your achievements and successes, but don’t forget to ask about theirs too.


With more companies becoming more open to flexible working, there still may be a requirement for occasional onsite visibility. Can you come to a compromise? If there was a requirement to be onsite what would that need to look like for both you and the business and how would you make it work?

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