Preparing for a newborn as a working father

We asked Richard Yeo, a managing director and father expecting his second child, for some top tips.


Richard Yeo is the Managing Director of Advanced Commercial Interiors, which he co-founded in 2009. He’s now expecting a second child, so we asked him what techniques he’s using to get ready for baby number two…

“Balancing the responsibilities of a job and a newborn baby can come with its challenges. Saying that, no one can ever be completely prepared for the task of being a father, especially if you’re working full time and have a successful career ahead of you.

What will be some of the best days of your life may also come with some added stress, but juggling the two is more than possible with a little preparation.

Do some research

Particularly useful if you’re a first-time dad, research is paramount in all aspects of being a parent. From the birthing experience to the development of a baby, there are hundreds of books and resources out there for you to read up on. Taking time out of your day to research both your partner and child will give a peace of mind on things you might have been worried about or mention a subject you had no prior knowledge on. Some key points to research might be:

  • Labour and delivery process
  • Pregnancy hormones
  • Baby development
  • After delivery effects
  • Personal finances
  • Health and safety essentials

Improve your own health

Improving your health and the environment you are living in will not only make everyone feel good but will also prepare you mentally and physically for this new life. Habits such as smoking or excessive drinking are often cut out before a baby arrives, along with improvements in diet and fitness. Making simple improvements to your life can offer a world of benefits in regards to becoming a working father. Improving your sleep and day to day routine will set you up nicely for all the chaos to come.

preparing for a new baby

Create a schedule

Creating a schedule for both at home and for yourself is crucial when preparing for a newborn, especially as a working father. There are now going to be new responsibilities to tackle and new jobs to be done aside from your 9-5 and at home chores. Investing in a family calendar will keep both you and your partner/co-parent on the same page. This can help with splitting responsibilities, knowing when appointments are, keeping track of details and improving teamwork.

Employment support

One of the most important aspects to get right when preparing for a newborn is having good support and communication with your employer. Make sure to read through your contract or speak to a higher member of staff regarding paternity leave and payment. It’s also a good idea to ask questions such as:

  • Caring for sick children
  • Flexible working hours
  • Baby bonding policy
  • Personal leave and unpaid leave
  • Working from home

Friends and family

Keeping in contact with friends and family can be helpful both before and after a child is born. Whether it’s work colleagues, a parent or an old school friend, maintaining solid connections with people you love can help keep your mind balanced.

Having these people around you can also come in handy with the more practical things, especially if you’re planning to carry on full-time work. Being able to rely on people for help around the house, babysitting duties, heavy lifting or advice will help with many aspects of fatherhood.

Setting up your living space

Whether you’re living with the mother, co-parenting or even fostering, setting up the baby’s area in the home in good time will reduce any practical stress and last minute realisations. Spending your weekends to embrace this is important, spending time away from work and taking in the next step in your life properly.”

A simple checklist

  • Build the baby bedroom furniture
  • Prepare the car seat
  • Decorate and organise the nursery
  • Stock up on essentials
  • Baby proofing the home
  • Dean cleaning and nesting

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