From the editor: Power Rangers to the rescue

The Power Rangers aren’t renowned for being profound. Yet they taught our editor some valuable half term lessons

Power Rangers


The Power Rangers saved my life this week. Briefly. Twice.

Not because I was under threat from a laughably inflexible plastic monster from outer space. But by stepping in to entertain my children.

Firstly because I was at my mum’s house along with daughter. By some combination of support bubble and childcare support we didn’t break the law. But she doesn’t have Netflix or Disney + or anything fancy on her telly. And her wi-fi isn’t up to much. Constant re-runs of Power Rangers on Pop had to suffice. And they did. Taking my daughter back to some childhood memories and teaching a vital half term lesson. There’s an awful lot we can’t do in this half term. But kids don’t need that much really. Something to watch on TV, a pack of cards, walks outside (even better if socially distanced with friends or relatives). There’s much to fret about right now, entertaining the kids at half term doesn’t need to come into it.


When I got home there was a package waiting for me. I’d been expecting some batteries. The Panasonic press office were determined to send me some free batteries. They’ve launched new Power Rangers branded packs in time for Christmas. I had ignored their first couple of emails, I wasn’t going to run a battery review on any time soon. But after the third email I relented. They clearly wanted shot of the batteries, or they genuinely believed I needed to be wowed by their power or something. But that box was too big, or they’d sent me a lot of batteries.

Upon opening it I discovered not just a couple of packs of batteries but a Power Rangers sword.

This time it was my son who was energised by the Power Rangers. He fell upon the freebie and spent many happy hours swinging it around, triggering the whooshing noises and freeing me to get on with some work.

The lesson here might be that if someone wants to give you free stuff then take it. But it was the little unexpected act of kindness that really cheered the heart and made my life better.

Going into a tricky winter that’s a valuable lesson too.

Helping others

There will be opportunities to help others and the value of doing so will be magnified by the circumstances we all find ourselves in.

Let’s face it, a Power Rangers sword is something everyone can live without. And yet the Panasonic PRs had sent not just something practical in their batteries (I’ll have to report back later in the year as to how effective or otherwise they are) but a bit of happiness, a surprise for me, an unexpected treat for a nine-year-old coping but inevitably confused by all that 2020 has tipped into his young life. That’s more valuable than anything.

This has been a half term like no other. And yet certain inalienable truths still hold. Kids are pretty adaptable. They don’t need much to be entertained or occupied. A little kindness, especially if it’s unexpected, can go a long way.

Power Rangers performers

This is not the actual Power Rangers!

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