Don’t get the potty out just because it’s World Toilet Day

World Toilet Day has worthy aims to highlight real problems. But for dads of young children every day is toilet day.


Let’s face it every day is toilet day for parents of toddlers. But today is World Toilet Day. The awareness day is about important stuff like safe sanitation for folks around the globe.

But it’s also an excuse to deal with toilet issues closer to home.

All parents are invested in successful potty training. Because when it goes wrong no parent is immune from the fall out.

Potty training guru Amanda Jenner shares her top tips for potty training dads

Poo guru Amanda Jenner


Potty Training is something that all parents dread and knowing where to start is one of the most common questions.

The one thing that most parents make a mistake with is starting when they are ready rather than starting when the child is ready.

Dads are getting involved in toilet training more than ever as childcare has become more evenly split – following the below tips will help ensure the process is less challenging and tantrum-free:

The key signs of readiness

  • Being able to understand and comprehend basic instructions is important especially when you start potty training as you will need to give them direction on what they need to do and also communicate back to you when it comes to needing a wee or poo or using the potty or toilet.
  • Noticing nappies are dryer during the day which is an indication that their muscles have developed which will lead to few accidents.
  • Removing their nappy as they feel uncomfortable when it is wet is a good sign that they are starting to feel the wetness and wanting it removed.
  • Recognising when they are actually doing a wee or a poo is a good sign as they are starting to understand their body.
  • If your toddler is showing independence i.e. dressing and undressing it shows they are moving onto their next key stage of development and you will often find this really does help potty training as they are keen to do things on their own.

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When not to potty train

  • If you have had a change of circumstances in your home or have moved house.
  • If they have a new sibling this can be very distracting and make your toddler to revert back to baby stages for the attention.
  • If your child has just started a new childcare setting  this can be very unsettling and change their routine.
  • If you child has suffered a recent illness.

What Next?

When you have checked your child is showing the correct signs of readiness I am a great believer of getting them involved in the whole process. Take them to choose their own potty and favourite character pants really makes the whole adventure exciting.

Reward System

  • Every child loves to feel special and to please mummy and daddy, especially when it comes to potty training. Using rewards is a great way to encourage your child to sit on the potty or the toilet, this can be reward chart and stickers or even a magical star box. It is important to reward even if they try and do not perform, sometimes it can be difficult to get them sitting on the potty or the toilet and this needs a little extra encouragement.
  • Getting everyone involved once you start and keeping it consistent is so important.  Speak to your childcare setting or any other carers so you all stick to the same routine.
  • Do not compare your child to anyone else sometime it takes a little bit of patience and every child will learn this life skill at a different rate.

Amanda shares more advice on potty training and child behaviour at

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