Mindfulness round-up: gadgets and stuff to help your mental health

Some clever ways to keep calm and carry on at home and at work.


Employer wellbeing policies are mighty important, but there are other ways you could potentially keep yourself feeling calm and happy. Here are three of our top tips.

serenely sorted

Serenely Sorted

If you can’t get your head round things ‘sparking joy’, then Diana Spellman’s home organisation system – which can be done with Diana online – might be for you.

If lockdown living caused you all sorts of ‘mess stress’, Serenely Sorted could be a solution. “There are so many people talking about de-cluttering these days, but I always think: why would you sort out what’s under your bed if your surfaces are still covered in the daily debris?” says Diana.

“It’s not our stuff that makes the mess, it’s our behaviour around it – and through simple mind-set and behaviour changes we can completely transform our homes, minimize mess and time spent tidying.”

Check out Serenely Sorted

tangle toys

Tangle toys

You’ll know that fidgets are all the rage with young kids and so here’s a desk toy for you to fiddle with.

And believe us, it’s immensely satisfying. There’s all kinds of bits to twist and fold, we enjoyed the Relax Therapy and the Jr. Metallic. It seems strange that something like this would be calming, but it really is.

According to Dr Pillar Trelles, a psychiatrist at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City, fidget toys “offer a less harmful way to expend nervous energy”. Fidget toys like Tangle are also known to lower anxiety levels by 18% and pain by 22%.

As for the children, yes, they will definitely like them too – so much so that you’ll need to hide your Tangles in a locked office drawer if you don’t want them to wander off.

Check out Tangle toys

mindshine app

Mindshine app

They call it a happiness coach in your pocket and those familiar with mindfulness apps will recognise many of the elements you’ll find here.

Using one part psychology, one part neuroscience and some mindfulness, you’ll find science-based exercises tailored to you that fit nicely into your already busy day.

There was very little to surprise here, but that’s not in any way a criticism – it was easy to use, not overly-demanding and didn’t have that thing some of these apps have which is making you feel bad for not achieving your lofty goals. You get it all from around £1.13 a week if you go for the pro option.

Check out Mindshine

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