How to update your CV if you’ve been made redundant after furlough

Emma Alkirwi, aka the CV Guru, explains how to update your CV if you have been on furlough and are made redundant.

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Many employers had to put their staff on furlough during Covid-19 and for some this has now resulted in redundancy. This has been the case for many in aviation, travel and the entertainment industry to name but a few. So how do you explain this in your CV and how do you tailor your CV towards new roles?

If you are still on furlough and considering other work, it is best to check furlough clauses from your current place of employment as some contracts state you cannot work elsewhere.

Explaining furlough and then redundancy on your CV

There is no requirement to go into a lengthy explanation on your CV. While you were on furlough you were still employed so no dates need to change here on your CV. However, if you no longer work at the place you were furloughed from any more you can simply write: made redundant following a period of furlough. Your period of employment finished the date you were made redundant, not when you started furlough. This then allows the employer to understand why you left the role and many are very understanding about this and will not worry about any employment gap.

How do I tailor a CV if I am applying for a different industry?

If you have been working in a different industry and are seeking to utilise your transferable skills towards another role then you should tailor your CV accordingly. This enables the reader to see you are a stand-out candidate and have the appropriate skills.

The two main sections to consider here are the Professional Profile and the Key Skills sections. To do this you need to really examine the job advert here and make sure to mirror the language if possible.

Professional profile

This should be a snapshot of your skills and experience. Many usually emphasise their industry experience. However, if you want to show your transferable skills you would do this here. So, for example, if you were in the travel industry rather than writing that, you may write something about having vast experience in customer-focused environments. Or if you were in the entertainment industry you may write about your skills in ‘ensuring everyone receives a positive company experience’.

At the end of the professional profile, you can note ‘currently seeking a new and exciting role where numerous transferable skills can be fully utilised’ or you can state why you are interested in applying for this type of work.

Key skills section

Study the job advert in detail and mirror the skills required. In your current CV this may have a completely different focus, particularly if you are in a more senior role or different sector. It is important that you do not assume that the reader will know you have the skills required and that you adapt this section accordingly. So, make sure to go through the job advert and note the skills you have that match.

Within the rest of the CV, you may wish to re-order responsibilities so more relevant points are mentioned first. You should do this with key achievements also. However, if you are seeking a career change and realise you may have to start at entry level and you are currently more senior then you may wish to tone your key achievements down.

Remember quality over quantity is key, so spending that little extra time tailoring your CV will yield far more results. If you would like to have your CV reviewed for free you can do so here.

*This article was prepared by Emma Alkirwi The Managing Director of The CV Guru. The CV Guru is a leading professional CV writing service. Their expert writers provide bespoke CVs, Cover Letters and LinkedIn Profiles that are tailored towards your industry.

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