How Ageas supports working dads

The global insurance company takes its responsibility to working fathers seriously, but how do the dads themselves feel?

ageas working dads


Making sure their dads (or dads-to-be) feel supported and encouraged to enjoy time with their family whilst balancing it with their work is important to Ageas. There is a flexible working policy and Smart Working approaches, which have been especially important to some of our dads. But how does that work in practice? We spoke to three Ageas’ fathers to find out.

Adam Adams, Team Manager

I have been with Ageas for 17 years, starting as a temp for Rias Travel insurance, and now as a team manager in the Service Centre.

I have two boys aged eight and four. Working from home has made it a lot easier to balance work and parenting. Normally in the morning my wife leaves around 7am so I’m responsible for getting the boys ready, making breakfast and dropping them off at the childminders/or to school, depending on my shift. This was never possible pre-COVID and I love doing it as it’s not a job dads always get to do. My wife will then do the pickup and the boys will come in and normally their first question is what’s for dinner?! I have great flexibility within my role which enables me to go to parents’ evenings, school plays etc. I am extremely grateful for this, and it stops me missing out on these moments.

Juggling work and being a parent can be tough, half term mess and lack of sleep for example, but teamwork with my wife makes all the difference.

But I love being there for the firsts and the little things we sometimes take for granted, like them walking through the door and asking how my day was. Although there are tough times being a dad, every moment has the potential to be great and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world!

My tips to other dads are to treasure every moment as time goes so quickly, don’t be afraid to get involved and make mistakes we all had to start somewhere!

Rob Carr, Senior Developer

I started work with Ageas (RIAS) in 2003. I’ve worked in a variety of roles but currently I am an IT People lead. I have five children/step-children currently aged between seven and 21.

My eldest son was one when I started working with Ageas (he’s now 21). My daughter is 18 and working/going to uni. My 17-year-old son is at college/working. My step-daughter is 12 and at secondary school and my youngest stepson is seven and attends primary school.

In 2009 my partner and I separated and I became a single parent. I have the children living with me 50% of the time and I’m fortunate to be very amicable with my ex-partner.

I think nothing is more important than time raising the kids. I value being able to advise, reassure and guide them. And I have eventually found a way to balance it all.

I’ve never missed a parents’ evening or significant school event (it’s important to them, so it’s important to me). Ageas have always been accommodating when I’ve needed to flex my hours for these things.

ageas working dads

Marc Walsh, Compliance Manager

I’ve worked at Ageas for just over 21 years. I have two children; my son has just turned five and my daughter is five months old. Currently my wife and I split the school runs, we have both attended as much as we can at the school too.

Pre-lockdown when we were in the office more, I found I missed out on a great deal of my son growing up but working from home more meant I got to see him grow and develop, and generally be around for more. Working more flexibly has been great so I can be around for more, help out with appointments and lighten the load on my wife.

My advice to dads would be to go easy on yourself. Parenting is one of the most challenging (and rewarding) things you’ll do and you won’t always get it right, but remember it’s a massive learning curve. Make sure you carve out some time for yourself and take a take some deep breaths if in the moment it’s all getting too much.

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