Handy tech to smooth working from home

With so many more of us working from home there’s a range of apps and tech tools worth looking at to make life easier and more secure


It’s self evident that more people are working at home now due to the coronavirus pandemic.

And, unfortunately for some, as the economic situation evolves there may also be more people embracing freelance life and self employment. 

In both cases productivity and smooth work flow are key.

Every remote employee needs a host of first-class tools that can help to tackle various processes associated with freelancing and home working. Below you’ll find the best tools as suggested by Brad Smith of tech company TurnOnVPN. He says they will  ‘expedite your tasks’, allowing you to concentrate more on jobs assigned by client or an employer.

Password Manager

A password manager is for freelancers who find it hard to manage their passwords. It improves your password security by primarily saving all of your passwords in one place.

A lot of tasks performed by freelancers need online services which translate to the creation of several online accounts. Attempting to use a weak password or the same password across different accounts could potentially compromise you.

A password manager saves, creates, and auto-fills all of your passwords for your online accounts. All you’d need to remember is your master password to your account. You can activate two-factor authentication while using this tool for enhanced security.


A Virtual Private Network is another highly needed security tool. In technical terms, VPNs encrypt the flow of information flowing into and from your internet-connected device. In simpler terms, a VPN prevents entities from spying on your internet activity.

Freelancers love the possibility of working on the go. If you’re using public wi-fi to complete job tasks, you could get your login credentials and files compromised by a hacker on the same network. This could lead to blackmail by the cybercriminal.

Downloading a VPN for your devices would protect your information and data, even if you’re logged onto the same network as a hacker. A VPN also offers added benefits to remote workers such as access to geo-restricted content.


Grammarly comes in handy when you’re attempting to make your writing flawless. This tool primarily picks out grammatical mistakes and spelling errors.

Some clients can judge a freelancer’s competence in the clarity of his/her sentences. There are also freelancers whose job successes depend on how well-written a project is. In both cases, Grammarly helps the freelancer gain and retain new/existing clients.


Do you ever wish you had a tool that would help you structure all your tasks, milestones, and goals in one place? If so, Trello is your dream-come-true tool.

Trello helps users manage projects. It simplifies the process of liaison between a remote worker and a client. The feature that makes Trello stand out the most is its ‘card’ system. You can drag and drop cards under various boards depending on the stage of task completion. This way, clients would be able to monitor your progress in real-time.

Trello also contains some other features such as the up-vote or down-vote of a project suggestion. On Trello, you can upload files from cloud storage services like Dropbox.


Freelancers and homeworkers can benefit from using tools that automate certain processes that would otherwise take hours to complete. Doing so may help a remote worker a chance to increase money flow, particularly because of improved productivity.

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