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£1,440 Inclusive of VAT

Training provided


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A proven job FIT process to help get the right person in the right job, first time!

A Fantastic new Business Opportunity for the UK

Prevue Benchmarking & Job Fit Assessments


 a technically advanced Applicant Tracking System for in-house recruiters

For an investment of only:  £1,440 Inclusive of VAT

coensus hr

The world of recruitment and people development is changing and YOU have a unique opportunity to be a part of this phenomenally profitable sector.

Coensus-hr are seeking quality committed individuals, or companies, with outstanding calibre who want to be a part of this exciting new global business opportunity. No previous experience in psychometrics or recruiting is required, this we will teach you.

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If you are any of the following then read on……

  1. Have a desire to become an entrepreneur in this fast growing and exciting market place
  2. A business owner that wants to grow by adding more services to their existing portfolio. A business with connections here in the UK or anywhere in the world.
  3. Be a Coach or Trainer who needs a world class Assessment tool for use with their clients

You will however need

  1. To have some basic computer skills, essential for managing yours and your Client’s on-line activities…with Coensus-hr’s support
  2. Be willing to learn a new business which is truly easy to comprehend, develop and grow.

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Some facts concerning the UK’s massive Recruitment market

  • Value £31.50 Billion
  • Over 635,000 people recruited each year

In contrast UK businesses typically express their disappointments:

  • It’s expensive to recruit new people using Agencies
  • The personal time needed to recruit is a burden
  • Accuracy of hire is difficult to achieve
  • Concerns over FIT, the right person for the role, team and organisation
  • Today CV’s are not always a true indicator of the person
  • Retention is a major problem
  • Once hired we don’t have the tools to identify their training needs

Around the world the trend is now turning toward using Prevue Job Fit Assessments to screen, test and track candidates applying for a new position. A system which starts from when the candidate actually applies by using an online ‘Job Board’ right through to when they might become a part of an internal ‘Succession Planning’ process. Prevue has it all.

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About Prevue

Prevue offer a world class Normative Assessment which was developed here in the UK and covers those areas of a person’s character, critical when employing or developing people. We refer to this as FIT.  We measure:

Mental Abilities + Motivation & Interests + Personality + Approach to Work

About Coensus-hr

Coensus-hr is a Master Distributor for one of the world’s leading experts on Assessments, Prevuehr. For over 25 years and having completed over 6.5 million Assessments, Prevue are offering their unique process and getting results in the following areas……

  • Increased Hiring Success – The right FIT
  • Reducing the cost of recruiting, Time and Money
  • The right person for the right role, 1st time
  • Massive reduction in personal time when recruiting
  • Improves a new employee’s induction, productivity and retention
  • Plus Prevue offers the use of Assessments for ongoing Development and Succession Planning

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What is the role of a Coensus-hr Distributor?

  1. To seek out companies who are actively recruiting. Especially those who have a desire to reduce the cost of recruiting; improve their success rate plus have a wish to develop them after employment.  Once found they will show them the many benefits offered by adopting Prevue’s advanced online solutions
  2. Offer Prevue Assessments for in-house People Development, Corporate Coaching and Succession Planning. Replace their existing provider with a more Valid, Accurate and Fair assessment.

What will l be selling?

You will sell and service Prevue’s full suite of World Class Assessments and a globally acclaimed Application Tracking System (APS Pro).

What income can l earn?

  • £6,000 from selling just 100 Assessments (typically Clients use 20-50 pa)
  • Profit Margins are between 35-50%, plus
  • Sell a full suite of Prevue Assessments plus Applicant Tracking System to a client who employs only 50-99 employees and your profit is £2756.
  • Not once but every year your client uses the Prevue system
  • 94% of global Prevue Clients renew for a 2nd year and beyond
  • All the support and consultancy fees you invoice are 100% yours to keep

What level of Support can l expect?

Coensus-hr is committed to becoming one of the top providers here in the UK therefore be assured our support will be total.

  • Selective Prospective Client visits, when identified appropriate
  • On-line training sessions for you and your clients
  • Technical support to provide the Prevue Applicant Tracking System, APS Pro

It should be clearly understood Coensus-hr is only offering an opportunity to sell a world class range of on-line Assessments and an advanced Applicant Tracking System, APS Pro.

This is not a business  opportunity to become a recruitment consultant.

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