Five questions NOT to ask at the end of your job interview

Chloe Chioy, Staff Writer at Resume Genius, reveals the queries to avoid asking a prospective employer during the interview process.

questions not to ask in interview


Asking questions is a great way to show that you’re engaged and interested in the position. However, there are certain questions that might lower your chances of getting the job, so you want to be careful before getting too outspoken at the end of an interview.

Salary and benefits

Details like salary and benefits packages are typically negotiated after an offer has been made, and bringing them up too early can give the impression that you’re more interested in the money than the job itself.

Career advice

The interviewer’s job is to determine if you’re a fit for the company and not to give you career advice. While asking for career advice might seem like a smart move, the interviewer doesn’t gain any information about you, and you might inadvertently display a lack of knowledge about your career.

Confidential information

Avoid asking questions that could be perceived as unfavourable or nosy, such as whether the company plans to downsize or relocate. You’re not officially hired yet, so the interviewer will be wary about answering more confidential questions.

Closed questions

Closed questions are questions that can usually be answered with a single word, such as yes or no. While closed questions will still give you information and aren’t harmful, you won’t gain very much information, and they’re unlikely to help you leave a positive lasting impression on the interviewer.

Easily-answered questions

Make sure you don’t ask questions that can be easily answered by doing a little research. Such questions might make the interviewer think you’re not actually interested in the company. Looking through the company’s website and social media will help you better shape your questions for the interviewer, so don’t forget to prepare!

Asking questions at the end of an interview allows you to learn more about whether or not this opportunity is right for you and can also help you build rapport with the interviewer and leave a positive impression.

By asking thoughtful questions, you can demonstrate your interest in the role and gain valuable insights into the company, so don’t be afraid to ask away!

Chloe Chioy is a Staff Writer and Digital Marketing Coordinator at Resume Genius. Her job advice has been featured on career platforms like Zapier and CharityJob, as well as on the BBC.

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