How dads can keep everyone safe over the Christmas hols

The festive break should be fun and relaxing. First aid evangelist Jenni Dunman shares her tips to stay safe at Christmas


In case you hadn’t noticed, Christmas is around the corner. And that means time off for dads with their loved ones. And lots of jobs that tend to fall to dads, often because they just require a bit of height! Things like getting decorations out the attic and putting the fairy atop the tree.

But there are inevitable dangers during the festive season and dads need to know how to avoid problems and what to do if things go wrong.

Knowing how to help can be life saving. But more likely just having the knowledge to deal with first aid issues will set parents minds at rest so they can enjoy festive family time more.

Jenni Dunman is a policewoman and mother of three turned parental first aid evangelist. She set up Daisy First Aid to help parents learn crucial first aid. She shares her top 10 tips for a peaceful and safe Christmas.


Christmas is an exciting time. But unfortunately it is also a time when there is an increase in accidents and injuries. Here are some tips to help you spend the Christmas season with your loved one’s rather than at A&E.

1 Ladders

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) reveal over 1,000 people were hurt while decorating their homes for Christmas from falling off ladders, unstable Christmas trees and glass baubles that smash on your wood floor. Invest in some shatterproof baubles and put any fragile one’s near the top of the tree and make sure someone holds your ladder.

2 Fairy lights

The fairy lights that come out of the decoration box every year should be checked and tested. Those small bulbs are a lovely bright thing for a toddler to grab hold of and put in their mouth.

3 Prepare

We’ve all sat on Christmas day with our screwdriver and muscle power helping to get a child’s favourite gift ready to play with. Those batteries compartments with an extra secure screw are there for a reason, so take your time to make sure everything is in place. Best to do this before the excitement of the day although young children will probably enjoy playing with the box it came in more.

4 Choking hazards

Look out for small things a child could choke on like toys from crackers, bits of lego and deflated balloons. Small button batteries could not only be a choking hazard but harmful if digested so get them checked immediately as harmful toxins are released. Keep nuts and popcorn out of children’s reach and always be with them when eating.

5 Candles

Be fire aware, candles add to the festive feel but should be kept away from little hands as well as Christmas trees and decorations. Keep candles in appropriate holders and always make sure they are put out before bed or opt for battery ones.

6 Sockets

All those extra electrical devices plugged into one socket is also something to look out for.

7 Smoke alarm

A dry Christmas tree is more flammable so keep it watered and away from heat source.It’s a good time to check your smoke alarms and make sure you have a good stock of batteries in a safe place rather than having to borrow one from the alarm.

8 Mistletoe

Did you know mistletoe is poisonous, their berries contain toxins that can make you very unwell. Always keep away from children and your pets who may think they would be a tasty thing to eat. You can still have a kiss under a plastic version!

9 Handbags

With lots of visitors coming and going over Christmas be aware of the dangers of handbags. They can contain everything from medication, loose coins, car keys with button batteries, wires from headphones or chargers not to mention your new lipstick being put all over a child’s face. Get into good habits by keeping they out of reach or some high up hooks to hang them on by the front door.

10 The kitchen

A busy kitchen can be a hazard for children and where most accidents in the home take place. Ideally keep children out especially while cooking to protect them from boiling water, hot food, saucepan handles ready to grab or you falling over a crawling child.

Learn First Aid!

Don’t forget to learn First Aid which will give you the knowledge and confidence to deal with any emergency that might affect a child. Daisy First Aid run un and friendly 2hr classes for parents, grandparents or anyone looking after your child.

To find your nearest trainer go to

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