Dads fear family time is fading

New Cadbury’s campaign features one working dad becoming a BMX bandit to reconnect with son

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Dads are worried they are losing to family time according to new research. The ‘Families Reunited’ campaign claims men are going to extreme lengths to win it back.

A survey of over 1000 parents by choco behemoth Cadbury’s found over half of parents felt they didn’t get enough time with their kids. 46% claimed they only achieved four hours of chat with their offspring in the average week.

73% of those questioned said they felt disconnected from their child when the teenage years begin.

Inevitably video games and smartphones were blamed for getting in the way of having quality time together.

Favourite activities

The research also revealed that over 80% of parents have taken an interest in their child’s favourite activity in a bid to reconnect with them and win some family time. Something that would seem part of normal parenting but is apparently unusual according to the Cadbury’s people.

A third of mums and dads said they’d tried listening to their children’s favourite bands or artists (33%). A quarter admitted to attempting to use slang phrases such as ‘Awks’, ‘dope’ and YOLO in order to connect with their child. One in five had a shot at Fortnite in a bid to bond.

BMX dad

The stats have been accompanied by an exhibit in the Museum of London and a series of films showing parents learning new skills to impress their kids.

The first film released tells the story of Dad Heru, who, after feeling distant from his 13-year-old son Jaidon, learns to BMX. The piece shows Heru’s journey, ending when he surprises son Jaidon by competing in a BMX show with an impressive routine, much to Jaidon’s surprise and delight. Heru commented “I felt Jaidon naturally distancing himself from me because I didn’t have much in common with him anymore. To have something to share and talk about with my son has strengthened our relationship no end and I would encourage other parents to connect and bond over an interest like this.”

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