Connected cooking for working dads

Switching to a smart home appliance can take the stress out of cooking at home.

cooking working dad


Switching to a smart home appliance is one way to make cooking at home more enjoyable and easier to do, especially after a tiring day. It can also deliver significant savings due to the precise information on cooking times and the tips they offer to make cooking more cost-effective but also more interesting and fun.

Smart home technology can help a family who finds it hard to get recipes that will suit the needs of everyone. When the appliance is connected, the user has the chance to explore numerous recipe options, those that include and not include meat. And those that are spicy and not so spicy!

Not only does a smart home appliance offer options of recipes, it also tells you what ingredients are needed and how long they take to cook and what’s the best way to cook them so you get the best nutritional value. A connected appliance also helps make meals more healthy.

With innovative app technology, you can discover recipes, learn about nutritional values and with some, for example the Candy h0n app, you can access a virtual, AI nutrition coach that will help you with meal tracking and planning.

What did those surveyed say about cooking at home

The Candy home appliance brand recently surveyed 1,000 households in the UK and one thing they wanted to know more about was how a smart appliance can benefit their home lives.

Over half of those surveyed stated that they are cutting down on their cost-of-living expenses by spending less on takeaways, and almost half are cutting back on going out for meals. This means they are spending more time cooking meals at home.

The top three cutbacks were:

  • 52% are spending less on takeaways
  • 49% are going out less for meals
  • 28% are starting to batch cook

Chris Grundy, Cooking Product Manager at Haier Europe, said, “These results tell us that consumers are ready for appliance solutions that make their lives easier – such as smart oven technology which is designed to take the chore out of cooking, making it easier to plan, batch cook and choose healthier meals.”

“Switching to a smart oven can also deliver significant savings, thanks to the precise information on cooking times and tips to make your meal plans more cost-effective. It has delicious recipes and a wide range of healthier options.”

A smart oven can help consumers get more enjoyment from everyday cooking with a range of smart ovens that provide recipe ideas and other functions designed to make it easier than ever to improve the cooking experience and get great, healthy results at home.

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