It’s the working dads Christmas gift guide!

It’s time to start thinking about what you ought to put on your Christmas list. Here’s a gift guide to help you out.


Right, with that election business out of the way we can all turn our attention to Christmas.

It’s a vital time of year for many working dads.

With almost everyone off work it’s a real opportunity to switch off from that side of your life. There’s bound to be a fair few fathers who enjoy their festive family time so much that they think about rebalancing their work life balance permanently in the new year.

So Christmas is about family.

But it’s also about presents. And dad presents can be hit and miss. So if you’re thinking about what to put on your Christmas list why not take a look at these items we’ve found (and tested) to see if any take your fancy.

Rafiki phone/controller holder

Show me a father who hasn’t held up his newborn child like Rafiki holding Simba aloft in the Lion King and I’ll show you a father with no imagination.

The Cable Guys are flogging a range of these characters who hold your phone or console controller while it charges.

If you’re environmentally minded then it’s a no-no, being a fairly pointless piece of plastic. But if you’re an inveterate gamer, the sort of chap with a man cave, then it makes an interesting ornament that’ll spare your controller getting stepped on. And if you work from home it’ll brighten up your desk while cradling your mobile. It doesn’t actually charge your device but it does come with a handy double-headed cable.

At around £20 a pop they’re not cheap. But then Christmas is about getting stuff you wouldn’t normally buy yourself right?

Anti-fatigue charcoal under eye patch

One for the new dads this. Having a baby – or just a child under three, or if you’re really unlucky just a child – means missing out on sleep. But here comes Skin Republic with a range aimed at men and this one in particular which claims to brighten up your eyes. According to the blurb it’ll “instantly reduce under eye puffiness, dark circles and dryness; eliminating signs of tiredness to reveal eyes that look more awake and refreshed.” Which sounds like it could also come in handy in case of hangover following your work Christmas night out.

Apparently it contains caffeine, volcanic ash and vitamin C. I’m not a doctor so I don’t know how that stuff gets into your body through your eye or whether that’s a good thing if it’s volcanic ash but it’s worth a shot.

It’s only £5.99 (or knocked down to £1.50 last time we checked here) so would make a fun stocking filler.


Games are a good way to connect with the kids at Christmas. This one works well for fathers of older kids.

A sort of cross between noughts-and-crosses and draughts the aim is to nudge your opponents counter off the board. The instructions are a little complicated. There’s only certain ways you can use your counters. But luckily there’s the obligatory YouTube video that explains all. Extra points for being environmentally friendly – the packaging and board are cardboard and the counters are recycled plastic.

Because it’s a game of strategy without taking too long or requiring grandmaster style brain power it works well as a stress buster for working dads too.

Decent value at a tenner a time. But being a bit ethical it’s not on Amazon, only available here

The Sensational Baby Sleep Plan by Alison Scott-Wright

Joe Clapson featured on our site after he published his experiences of Shared Parental Leave in the book The Diary of Daddy Shortlegs. Give that a go. But he’s recently recommended something a bit more practical for new dads.

One of the most read articles on all year has been our guide to getting a good night’s sleep so there’s bound to be demand for this. Particularly as Joe says it works. He credits the book with getting his kids to sleep a solid 11 hours a night from around 11 weeks. (If it’s any consolation I don’t think my daughter has ever slept 11 hours and she’s 11 years old). As ever with these sorts of books it’s about picking out the bits that work for you. But the principle – that parents must teach their children how to get to sleep is a sound one. And how many new dads wouldn’t give up all their presents for a genuinely silent night this Christmas?

Action for Children tops

Give these or receive them, either way you’ll be helping out disadvantaged kids. And there can’t be anything better to do at Christmas time.

The charity Action for Children is flogging t-shirts and jumpers bearing the slogans ‘Safe’ or ‘Happy’. The two things all kids should be.

The t-shirt is £19 and the jumper £30 and all proceeds go to funding the charity’s work.

They come in white and black which keeps things simple for the working dad lacking the time or the fashion sense to get dressed in anything fancy of a morning.

We working dads aren’t expected to know what’s cool and what’s not but it ought to be always fashionable to help out children who need it, especially over the festive season.

And if you’re in London you’ve still got time to visit the Action for Children pop up grotto in Covent Garden. The charity has developed AI elves to help visitors pick gifts. It’s at 3 Slingsby Place.

Dads Don’t Babysit by James Millar and David Freed

Come on, it’s my guide so I was always going to include my own book.

It ought to be on every dads Christmas list. If you like you’re going to love this book.

We set out the benefits of being a more involved father for you, your children, your partner and society more widely. And we look at the barriers to men becoming engaged parents. Most importantly we offer a manifesto for change and some simple steps everyone can take to make life better for working dads. Available here.

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