Build resilience when job hunting

You need to be resilient as a parent and every day brings new challenges. It’s a different type of resilience you need when looking for a new job though.

build resilience for job hunting


Looking for a new job can be an exhausting process. You might have recently taken an employment gap, been made redundant, or you’re not enjoying your current role. Either way, you’re in a position where you want or need to find something new.

“As a dad myself, I understand that your time’s going to be more limited than most people’s as it is, and you’re inevitably going to be faced with job rejections. That’s why it’s so important to build your resilience along the way, and not take rejection personally, if it’s not the outcome you wanted,” says Simon Bell, Founder and Director of Careermap.

Here, Simon explains his best practice.

Try to compartmentalise

Do your best to separate the different parts of your life. As a dad-of-three, I know how tough this can be. Life doesn’t always work that way, but try and put the job hunt to the back of your mind when you’re not looking. It’ll help you to be present during important family time, and means you won’t feel like you’re constantly job hunting. This can also reduce the risk of burnout and make you more focused when you’re actively applying.

Create a schedule

This will give you structure to plan your time when looking for a new job. It will depend on your situation, you might only have time to apply for jobs in the evening when the kids have gone to bed. If you set yourself this time aside when you can though, you’ll get into a routine. This can make the job hunt more of a regular thing than something you put off. This goes back to my first point about compartmentalising the different parts of your life.

Be good to yourself

Remember to be kind to yourself, even if it doesn’t look like you’re getting anywhere with the job search. Every application you submit brings you one step closer to a new career path.

I know that not hearing back from employers when you’ve put your time into applying for their job can be really demoralising. That’s why it’s important to keep doing the things you enjoy. Give yourself a reward if you’ve stuck to your schedule (it could be something from the secret treats cupboard the kids don’t know about!).

Talk to your friends and family

It sounds like a cliché, but keeping in touch with friends and family can really help with your frame of mind. Not only can they encourage you when things are difficult, but you’ll probably feel less alone during the process. You don’t have to tell them all the details if you don’t want to, but having someone to share things with can stop you from bottling everything up.

I know this isn’t always easy, and if there isn’t anyone you feel you can speak to, there are lots of services out there who can support you.

Ask for feedback

Employers will often give you feedback if you ask them for it, particularly if you’ve had an interview with them. If you’ve not been successful – and you’re not sure why – this is a really valuable thing to have. It can help you improve for your next interview and offer a stepping stone into a career that is really right for you. By focusing and working on yourself, it will help you to build your resilience.

Last of all, I’d like to wish you all the best on your job hunt. It can be tough if you don’t feel you’re getting anywhere, but keep going. One day at a time, you’ll get there.

build resilience for job hunting

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