Boosting paternity leave looks set to become a political hot potato

One of the leading candidates to replace Theresa May has made improving fathers’ lot a key part of his appeal

Paternity Leave


One of the frontrunners to be the next leader of the Conservative party, and therefore to be Prime Minister, has made paternity leave a key plank of his campaign.

In a clear signal to the more socially aware wing of his party Dominic Raab said at the weekend he wanted all new dads to be entitled to two weeks of paternity leave paid at 90% of full pay.

Currently employers must only pay men on paternity leave the standard rate of around £145 per week, though many firms offer an enhanced package.

Raab also called for legislation to ensure women who are pregnant or on maternity leave cannot be made redundant.

The fact that the former Brexit secretary chose to focus on policies for parents suggests they could become a battleground in the forthcoming Tory leadership contest. There’s a possibility that candidates could look to outbid each other with increasingly attractive policy offers for parents and Raab’s suggestion could yet prove to be a baseline.

Raab, seen as being on the right wing on the Conservative party, also said he’d cut income tax were he to become leader.

Theresa May is expected to stand down soon triggering a battle to replace her as PM.

Earlier this year in a parliamentary debate on supporting fathers young male Tory MPs lined up to talk about their experiences of parenthood suggesting the party is increasingly thinking about the issues dads face.

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