Best for diversity & inclusion

Marcel is a solution consulting manager at award-winning firm ServiceNow and says its culture has been life-changing for him, allowing him to develop and grow.


Marcel A. has been at tech firm ServiceNow for eight years. When he started he was one of the few Black employees in the UK office and didn’t see many leaders who were like him. “I felt a little bit alone, a little bit disheartened,” he admits, “especially when I looked up the leadership chain and saw not many people who looked like me.”

Now he is a manager and says he is inspired by how the company has changed in such a short period due to its commitment to diversity, inclusion, mentorship and personal and career development. “We are moving in the right direction,” he says. “We are seeing more and more Black employees and people of Black heritage in the workforce,” he states.

ServiceNow won this year’s Overall Top Employer at the WM People Top Employer Awards in addition to its Best for Diversity & Inclusion Award.

A life-changing experience

Marcel started as a solution consultant and is now a solution consulting manager. That means he not only leads his team in the field, but also develops and coaches the solution consultants who report to him.

He says: “ServiceNow provides me a platform to grow on an everyday basis. I’m regularly challenged, and it really has a special place in my heart. I’ve truly matured as I’ve been here.”

One of the cornerstones of Marcel’s positive experience at ServiceNow is the people. “If I could describe ServiceNow in one word, it would be life-changing,” he says.

Marcel attributes this to the inclusive and supportive environment that ServiceNow fosters. “The people truly make me feel like I belong, that I can be my best person, my best self, and really deliver the best results,” he adds.

Employee belonging groups

Marcel actively participates in the Black at ServiceNow employee belonging group and is an ally for other employee belonging groups, such as Women at ServiceNow, TruAbility at ServiceNow, and Pride at ServiceNow. He sees these as crucial ways to connect with colleagues on relevant topics, gain understanding, and make him a better leader.

Mentorship has also played a vital role in Marcel’s career journey. He believes in paying it forward and inspiring others to flourish. Having had several excellent mentors himself, Marcel actively engages in mentoring others, both inside and outside the company.

“One of the reasons why I moved into management was to help unlock potential in people and help develop people,” he explains. “I really am passionate about that particular activity.”

ServiceNow’s emphasis on personal and career development aligns with Marcel’s approach to challenges and successes. “No matter what successes I have,” he notes, “there is always something for me to learn or an area for me to grow in.”

“I feel that it is important for me to have a voice and allow other people to be inspired, empowered or even to feel like they belong through something I say,” he says.

*Marcel features in the WM People Best Practice Report based on the WM People Top Employer Award winners. It is published next month.

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