10:22a.m. when workers most energetic

New data also suggests just after half-past three in the afternoon is when productivity is at its lowest.

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Just after twenty-past-ten in the morning is when workers are at their most energised, according to new data from digital wellbeing firm Champion Health.

In their 2022 Workplace Health Report, respondents said that 3:31p.m. was the time they were most fatigued.

One in two employees said tiredness affects productivity.

This comes alongside a host of other occupational health information such as how stress and tiredness impact mental health, as well as how work behaviour damages the musculoskeletal (MSK) system.

Thirty-five per cent of respondents reported unhelpful levels of stress at work (reasons included workload, lack of control, lack of support and the quality of the senior staff) while over 40% of employees sit for longer than two hours uninterrupted.

Twenty-nine per cent of employees said they had lower back pain, while 24% said their MSK troubles were in their neck.

“You can’t have high performance without wellbeing,” said Jack Green, Champion Health’s Head of Performance. “Everyone is a high performer, but only if they are given the conditions to thrive.”

He continued, “This makes prioritising employee wellbeing very much a business issue, as well as a moral one. If you want high productivity, then health is non-negotiable. Whatever performance indicators employees are measured by, they all come from wellbeing.”

The report also asked about employees experiencing thoughts of suicide or self-harm, with a worrying one in twelve saying this was the case.

“As leaders, managers and colleagues, we all have a vital role in preventing cases of suicide,: said Champion Health CEO, Harry Bliss. “The awareness is there, now it’s time to take action. You don’t have to become a GP, counsellor or mental health expert to make a huge impact.”

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